Law Enforcement

The next step in video surveillance is to take the data and analysis the sector of video. Analytics solutions help make sense of data, facilitate faster threat detection and create insight-driven operational opportunity. Sea Hawk helps organizations to harness these benefits.


Regardless of scale, sector and scope, all modern organizations have one thing in common ‒ data. Or more accurately, the need to make data actionable. The right information, delivered in the right way can save time, effort, resources and money.

Highly secure sites concerned with controlling access and activity may use video analytics for facial recognition, left object, loitering detection, visitor behavior and frequency analysis to better identify and pre-empt threat; while for dedicated crime detection and prevention, heat mapping, incident trending and behavior pattern analysis might also be used to support strategy and rapid response deployment.

For retail or public access sites, solutions such as footfall/visitor counting, linger time analysis, queue management and demographic profiling are just some of the tools being used to help understand and support customers.

Whatever the application and whatever the data source, Sea Hawk engineers can advise on, supply and integrate leading analytics solutions to make information meaningful.